Arm Module Kit

Here you can find the steps to reproduce an arm module:



Skuba Fabric

Conductive Thread

Piezoresistive material (velostat)

Fusible interfacing fabric (double sided)

Metal snaps (6)


Laser cutting machine


Sewing needle

Download .3dm: (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

Laser cut arm module steps:

  1. Prepare piece A:
    • Iron one side of the double sided interface fabric to the neoprene
    • Laser cutting is for the outline and the elbow stretchy pattern.
    • Engraving is for guides and traces that will help you sew metal snaps, and iron conductive fabric.
    • Piece A is completely symmetrical, so it will work either for right or left arm.
  2. Laser cut and engrave skuba fabric for pieces B, C and D.
    • Piece D function is to cover and protect the flex soft sensor. Iron two stripes of fusible interface.

3. Iron the conductive fabric traces (F)  over neoprene piece A.

4. Iron the interior skuba fabric (piece C) to neoprene (piece A).

5. Sew 2 metal snaps in the interior of the skuba fabric following laser cut “x” guides.

6. Iron piece D which is useful to protect the bend sensor.

7. Iron piece B following engraved paths as guides.
To do this step we found hair irons very useful

8. Sew 4 metal snaps in the exterior of the neoprene fabric

9. Make a bend sensor with metal snaps. We based ours on Plusea’s work.

10. Attach the bend sensor with the metal snaps inside your arm module.

10. Attach the PCB module


11. Enjoy

Photoshooting and tests of the module:













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